This project is a joint collaboration between Texas Advanced Computing Center, Center of Transportation research, and vision zero project from Austin Transportation Department. The project has received several recognition including:

The Best Technical Paper Awards from Intelligent Transportation System World Congress 2019.
Smart 50 Awards, the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo 2018) organized by Smart Cities Connect Foundations.
Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) is an organized research unit at The University of Texas at Austin. TACC designs and deploys the world's most powerful advanced computing technologies and innovative software solutions to enable researchers to answer complex questions like these and many more. TACC's environment includes a comprehensive cyberinfrastructure ecosystem of leading-edge resources in high performance computing (HPC), visualization, data analysis, storage, archive, cloud, data-driven computing, connectivity, tools, APIs, algorithms, consulting, and software. The Scalable Computational Intelligence (SCI) group at TACC has expertise in large scale data analysis, machine learning and artificial Intelligence. The SCI group has supported researchers from diverse fields on real world problems. Our goal is to enable discoveries that advance science and society through the application of advanced computing technologies.

Project Contact: Weijia Xu, Research Scientist, SCI Group Manager

The Center for Transportation Research (CTR) is a multidisciplinary and multimodal research institute at The University of Texas at Austin. Recognized as one of the leading university-based transportation research centers in the world, our researchers, faculty members, and students work together to promote cutting-edge developments in transportation science and technology. Expertise and funded projects include topics such as Economics, Multimodal systems, Traffic congestion relief, Transportation policy, Freight and rail, Materials, Bridges and structures, Public transit, Environmental impacts, Driver behavior, Accessibility.

Project Contact: Heidi Ross, Strategic Planning Manager

The Austin Transportation Department (ATD) is a department of the City of Austin responsible for a variety of transportation, mobility, and safety functions throughout the community. ATD works with all modes of transportation and many Austin-area partners and agencies to deploy an all-ages and abilities network. The Austin Transportation Department is committed to providing the safest and most efficient, cost-effective and sustainable roadway, bikeway, walkway and transit system for our community. Vision Zero is the Austin community's goal to reduce people hurt or killed by crashes to zero with street improvements, policy changes and education. Austin Transportation works to achieve that goal through planning and building a safe multi-modal transportation network in collaboration with City and community partners.

Project Contact: Joel Meyer, Program Manager - Vision Zero